A love story 12 days ago i came to Om-mij with my life full of sorrow, fears inside for years and also depression from this things. I came to this beautifull home hwo is full of love and hope. the first evening with aya i cryied all my sorrow out all the way from my childhood. I felt the smell from cemical cleening wich gave mi fears for death as a child. And stayed there for almost 40 years. The second day i asked for strenght and selfworth and i was readdy for what ever that come ☺☺ i was alreaddy strong! I had big priblems with my mum as do the rest of family also. But this picture of me as an old women came, i was old and beautifull with happiness in my face.. I also so my mother opposite and i realized that she took this role for me not to be. I cryed for my mother, today my mother and i have find together i have forgiven her and like i told her i wish from the deep in my heart that she can feel happiness and love for the rest of her years.. Shes been suffering to long. And goes For my life 😊 wow! My fears is gone, my suffering is gone. I love life. Everything changes, the world is bright. I sleep with no worries about past or future. I love helping people and now i know how i dont even fear flying 😃 and positive things keep on comming. it is incredible how much love and happiness i get from giving love. And it is all so fantastic easy 😃and for all the guides you are all so beautifull and full of love. I felt always safe and the energi was oh so good for my soul i cant wait to see you all again. Love you it is hard to describe everything with words.. The emotion is bigger than that! and i will continue to meet with mother Ayahusca, we have just started this great journey together ☺

Greets and a lot of love,


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