Hello René,

”The Ayahuasca experience has been something completely different than anything else in my life. All together, it was very pleasant and interesting. I believe it is the best way to show us who we are, our patterns and what we need to clean up. To me, it was releasing all the remaining blocks to Love. My greatest lessons were something that I had already known before intellectually, but I got it at a much deeper and different level now. The messages were about complete acceptance of myself, others and of life, as well as surrendering, non-judgment and deep love, especially for myself and my girlfriend, but also for entire humanity. I believe that with deeper love also comes greater responsibility for the world and people around us, but only those who want our help, that is, never forcing anything on anybody.

I would especially like to point out that Rene and his team are very kind and well qualified for managing the experience. And it is an important factor, because it is essential to be around somebody one can trust. So I would certainly recommend doing this to everybody who wants to know who they are, what Love is and what needs to be cleaned up around it. As they say, when you go for Love, the first thing that comes up, is everything opposite to it.. so that it can be released.”