Dear Rene

I would like to thank you for your assistance and guidance through my first ayahuasca journey. I was quite nervous before the ceremony and felt relaxed and calm thanks to your vast knowledge about ayahuasca and your guidance before the ceremony.

Ayahuasca opened my eyes and showed me how I am totally under control of my ego and how I am powerless against it. I had a constant battle with my ego during the ceremony. When ayahuasca made me to face one of my fears and get rid of it, my ego interrupted and I ran away from my fear once again.

I feel better and it feels like I got rid the the poison which was sitting deep inside of my body for quite a while and I now feel lighter.

But I know it is just the beginning, I only dipped my toe into the deep ocean of my subconscious mind and I know wonders will follow once I win the battle against my ego and surrender myself to ayahuasca and its guidance.

Looking forward to continue my journey with you in the future.