I went here for my first Ayahuasca experience and for me it was all that I needed. These wonderful individuals have established a safe and comfortable environment to go on this breathtaking journey and I wouldn’t know where they could “improve”. The amount of care, concern and freedom you are given here was more than I had ever expected!

I was greeted very warmly and kindly by every single one of them and have never felt more welcome in a new and strange environment ever before.

( If you would like to read my personal story on my Ayahuasca journey you can find it on the link below. It feels right to share it with anyone interested, so feel free to read along:

http://crookedcat.tumblr.com/post/138439450814/sunday-january-24th-yesterday-i-went-on-my )

Anyhow 11/10 from me!

Vorige ervaring
Volgende ervaring