Frequently Asked Questions

In Doetinchem we have two sleeping quarters for participants, these are shared spaces. Some people choose to sleep in the ceremony space, that is always an option as well. We have do not have private bedrooms, if this is something that you would prefer then we advise you to check for accommodations in the Doetinchem area. There are several hotels and bed and breakfast accommodations. Useful in finding good addresses is for example If you need any assistance, please let us know and we are happy to help you!

Some medication can definitely not be combined together with Ayahuasca, which contains a MAO-inhibitor and DMT, raises the heart rate and makes the blood pressure increase. Our team will inform you but we always recommend to consult with your doctor and pharmacist if it is safe for you to take part with your physical condition and medication. As much as we would love to be able to welcome everyone to come join in a ceremony, your safety is always our main concern, safety first!

The contraceptive pill you can safely continue to use, this has no effect on Ayahuasca or vice versa. But please make sure you use your birth control in a safe amount of time before the session, in case you have to purge, so that it is already absorbed in your system.

Since Ayahuasca contains a MAO-Inhibitor, it is not safe to be combined with antidepressants. More information:
We ask you to stop with your medication completely at least two weeks in advance. Please use a wise reduction schedule, do not stop at once! And also always consult with your doctor.

This is not an issue and is of course happening on a regular basis with our participants. It’s only a problem if you yourself may not feel so good because you have certain symptoms. If you usually are suffering a lot from your period then it might be advisable to consider to postpone your session to another time, but this is only for your own comfort.

In your booking confirmation you will receive all the information to prepare yourself and follow the diet. You can also find the diet on our website:
The diet is a guideline, in particular to cleanse your body before your ceremony, and also to keep the blood pressure as low as possible. If you accidentally once eat something from the list that is not so bad. There might only be a slightly higher risk of nausea and headaches. But for your own process it is the best if you are as clean and healthy as possible entering your ceremony.

Our group ceremonies include an overnight stay. The next day you are completely able to travel back or drive home. You can experience some fatigue, please keep that in mind. Our private ceremonies start earlier and people often travel back home in the evening. When the Ayahuasca has been fully broken down there is plenty of time to come back to earth and have some food and recover. Then our guides properly test whether you are completely lucid again and are able to drive. If necessary or desired, you can always stay overnight. Safety first!

Technically this would be possible but we always recommend to take the day off the day after the ceremony. Basically when the Ayahuasca is processed by your system you are immediately fresh again and there is no real hangover effect. But the process might have been emotional and continues in a lesser degree after your ceremony. In the days after, there are sometimes still emotions and insights coming through, so it’s important that you are kind to yourself and have enough rest in the days after.

It is very normal that you find it scary and are nervous, everybody has that, so please don’t worry! Our human brain is focused on risk limitation and to keep us as safe as possible in our lives. Everything that is unknown is difficult for our brain and letting go of control even more so, let alone trusting the unknown or anything/anyone outside itself. Try to see Ayahuasca as a deep healing session that you enter. When you receive a healing from someone, you trust the healer or therapist and try not to resist. The plant spirit and the divine consciousness want to heal and help you. They can do that best when you have faith in them, have no resistance and try to surrender to it. They know what they are doing. Of course at first you will have to get used to all the sensations, feelings and images that you might receive from the Ayahuasca. But remember that everything that happens has a purpose in your healing process and is a mirror. It is sometimes hard to feel the less pleasant feelings, but everything that you can feel through and process in the session is not coming back. You are very brave when you choose to surrender, and this courage will be rewarded by the Ayahuasca, it always gives you what you need!

In terms of the healing effect of the Ayahuasca and the way the ceremony is performed there is no real difference between a 1 or 2 day ceremony, and a private or group. Some people prefer more privacy while others prefer the social aspect of the group. Many new friendships are made at Om-Mij.  In one ceremony you can process and heal very much. Some people personally find it nicer to do one session and take some time to process everything and integrate it into their lives. Others would prefer multiple adjoining ceremonies. This applies especially to people who come from abroad. Usually for the first time we advise people to start with one ceremony to see how they like it. This is a personal choice, you will be guided in this by your intuition, follow your feeling!

Generally the private ceremonies are day ceremonies and participants go home in the evening. But we also offer the possibility of accommodation if you wish so.

For each group ceremony there is one ceremonyleader who also works as a guide, there are at least five loving guides to help you. Overall our ceremonies are usually very peaceful. Ayahuasca gives you a deep introverting process. People are lying quietly on their mattresses going through their own process. If you have a question or need help, there are several people who will be happy to assist you with love :)

Technically, you cannot linger in your experience because your body is always completely breaking down the DMT in the Ayahuasca after a certain number of hours. You always go back to normal reality afterwards. However, it may be that in the following days you are in a heightened state of consciousness because you have raised your vibration and sometimes it just has to land again. When choosing to drink the Ayahuasca you ask the plant to heal you and you are entering into a healing process. It helps you to feel unresolved feelings and heal them. Sometimes it may seem as if some things seem to be a little worse than before, this is only temporary because you have touched the core of some of your pain, for it to be finally felt through and processed. This is normal. For example if you go into therapy this can happen as well. Even though it is sometimes difficult, it is a good thing because now actually there is really something being done and changed inside of you. You are in a process to resolve things. It’s a bit like having a really good clean-up in your house, sometimes it seems at first things become worse, but at the end you will have everything sorted out and have let go of many things. The week(s) after the ceremony you sometimes have to deal with more emotions and with processing them. After that first week, usually many things fall into place and everything calms down more. During the ceremony, our highly skilled guides are there to help you in your process and after your session we always offer after-care, available at all times to answer questions and help you with your integration.
(We have an extensive screening process. People with certain physical or mental conditions we unfortunately cannot allow to participate because there is a risk. Safety and care are the most important to us.)

Our ceremonies are given in a therapeutic setting. Of course, there is much room for the spiritual aspect and much respect for the plant and the amazone. We also work with the spirit of the Ayahuasca. But we do not necessarily work in the shamanic way.
We let the Ayahuasca spirit determine your process and are there to help you through challenging parts of the journey, but we do not influence the energies, there are no group activities and there is no singing or dancing. We consciously chose this because we want to bridge the regular therapeutic circuit with the healing effect of the plant. And because we want to make Ayahuasca ceremonies as down to earth and accessible as possible, even for people who are not really familiar with the spiritual aspect.

However much we would like to offer this, because we understand that it is quite important to you, we can not facilitate this, except in some cases that would need to be discussed. This is especially so because it would not be beneficial if you might be distracted in your process and also because we do not really have room for non-participants to stay. Lastly, it is also for the privacy of the other participants in the group. We hope you understand. Our ceremony guides are all very warm and loving people who are there to support and comfort you in your process. You are not alone in this!

Ayahuasca is definitely a miracle in terms of its complexity and healing abilities, but it is not a magic pill. Not in the sense that after one ceremony all your problems are gone. This is possible, for some people, we witness a lot of special healing stories. But usually the process only begins after your ceremony. Humans are complex beings, usually with a lot of history, memories and emotions that they carry with them. The Ayahuasca helps you feel through unprocessed feelings so that you can be free of them, and it gives you insights and tools to implement in your life. But the integration and application of these things are where you yourself come in. The consciousness of the plant will also be with you after your ceremony and will still help you. So you are not alone in your process. Often a person has gathered so many different pains, limiting thoughts and patterns throughout their life that it is not always possible to address that all in one session. But you always get what you need the most at that time and 1 session can really do a lot for you!

Ayahuasca cleans you physically, at cell level, but also emotionally. When emotional pain has been felt through and processed, healing in the body often occurs, since most diseases are caused by emotional patterns and distress. Of course, we can not guarantee this because every human being and every process is so different, and because a disease or condition sometimes has a particular benefit or purpose in one’s life. But when you’re ready to release and heal, you will be helped by the Ayahuasca.

Arrival times vary by ceremony, you will also find them on our websites calendar and when you have booked in your confirmation. In general, our private and duo ceremonies begin at 10:00 and our groups at 13:00.
In the first hour there is time to get to know each other. Then the ceremony begins and this lasts as long as it lasts, we take all the time and respect the process. But on average, the effect of one serving of Ayahuasca lasts about 4-8 hours. At a private ceremony, you can assume that you are completely lucid again around 18:00. After having some food and discussing and processing your journey with your guide, you usually are safe to travel home around 20:00, but sometimes earlier. At a group ceremony everyone stays overnight. One usually goes home the next morning after the joint breakfast and sharing of experiences, so around 11 or 12.

If you would like to participate with more people, we need each person to fill in their own reservation form containing their personal medical information. This is very important. Paying for multiple people at once is possible, but please always mention the session date and the names of everyone whom you are paying for.