Hi Rene,

I wanted to write and give feedback on my recent Ayahuasca adventure at your Om-Mij center.  I would like to express how much I appreciate the professionalism that you, Dorothea and Quinne displayed during my 2 day stay.  I came to you from the United States on a recommendation from a good friend in the UK, yet I was still a “1st timer” and was nervous.

From the moment I arrived, you all were amazing, even personally picking me up and driving me to your facility.  I signed up for 2 consecutive sessions.  The 1st was a small group of 3.  We all met and became acquainted.  You could feel the anticipation in the room as the time to begin came closer.  You carefully explained the process and I noticed that your confidence combined with humility, experience and unique approach immediately put us all at ease.

During the session you and Dorothea watched over and guided us when and if we needed assistance, yet remained at bay when we did not, allowing us the space we needed to fully engage on our journey.  I had a particularly difficult 1st session, yet you and Dorothea demonstrated a calm, direct and loving approach that helped me tremendously.  When the session ended, you allowed us all to share our experiences and took as much time as we needed to answer our questions and we had a lot of them as we ate food prepared by your team. It was very apparent that you and Dorothea really love what you do as everything was conducted with a caring approach and you made me feel very safe the entire time.

The 2nd session was a bit larger, 8 of us in total, 2 including myself from the previous days session and 6 new people.  Again, you gave us ample time to become acquainted and once again, explained exactly how things would work.  A 3rd attendant, Quinne joined you and Dorothea so that everyone would have the proper assistance when and if they needed it.  As you know, since I had such a difficult first session I was very apprehensive about whether I wanted to do the second session.  After some discussion with you, I was convinced that a second session was the right thing to do.  You were correct as things really couldn’t have gone better and the experience was the complete opposite of the 1st.  It was a magical journey that I will never forget.

For you and your team however, I believe it was a challenging evening because many of the participants had somewhat difficult experiences, of varying degrees, yet you, Dorothea and Quinne handled, what seemed as though could have been a very chaotic situation, with ease.  Instead of just “treading water” so to speak, you were able to deliver a high quality experience while attending to us all with professionalism and great care.  It was very impressive.

By the end of that session, I feel that I have an appreciation for how the Ayahuasca works and how amazing the benefits are of this medicine.  I was left with a feeling of calmness, confidence and clarity that I haven’t had in many years.  In addition, I think you and your team are simply outstanding; people that the world needs more of.

The love, kindness and desire to help each of us was apparent and so appreciated by us all.

On top of the Ayahuasca experience itself, I feel as though I made a deep connection with you that is genuine and this is a very nice and unexpected bonus.  I also made connections with many other participants and as each of us are now at our homes in different parts of the world, we continue to connect on various social media sites, discussing our experience, encouraging each other to continue on our paths and some of us are making plans to return to your center for the next round.

I am overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude and thanks to you, Dorothea and Quinne for making my first Ayahuasca experience,

something I will remember as a positive turning point in my life, forever.


Truckee, CA. USA