Dear Om-Mij

I was originally planning to go to Peru to have the ayahuasca experience.  I was searching and reading much about it on the net and thought that to travel far was my only option.

I also thought that without the real native shamans it would not be as it supposed to be. Without knowing what supposed to be means. That it only one of several myths we as humans create. We seem to like to do these things;)

I was both very happy and skeptical when I saw your add on Facebook. Happy because to me you where less than a two hour airflight away from where I live.  And that made it so much easier, economical and possible for me.  The skeptical part of it had to do with my understanding of how it suppose to be and that I wanted “the original real deal”.

Now, sitting where I am now I can not express in writing or by words of thankful and appreciative I am to life that lead me to you.  I got the original real deal. Not as my myths thought it should be. But very genuine, true and original to me.

The service and support you showed me, the care and love I met will stay with me as a sacred memory for the rest of my life.

Now, after being there, experiencing Ayahuasca, a teacher beyond human understanding, the very mystery of healing I embrace the whole experience with all of my being.  I am sure that the jungle, shamans and other journeys is a fantastic opportunity to go beyond and find what you are searching for. I found it in the Netherlands.

With Rene and his staff. I found it in the western word. Together with ordinary people that got the experience, insight and knowledge that makes it safe. (You might not call them shamans but true professionals) . Where I live and belong. Where I can integrate it. Its so simple. And yet so complicated for us with our egos and all of our so called knowledge.

Rene and staff at Ayahuasca Netherlands, I am truly thankful for loosing my mind and coming to my senses here in my neighborhood ! I am no stranger to myself anymore. I am home.

Erik, Norway