I underwent a two-day ceremony in October 2015. The call of A is always individual in cause and need for each and everyone, and the solution for scenario, time and place, always different from person to person.

I won’t go too much into my personal situation here, other than to say I wanted to work with this medicine for reasons of trauma-release, behavioral pattern breaking, and spiritual alignment.

I am a person with thorough experience in self-investigation, therapy, very educated on a variety of methods in general health and self-help methods, practical and spiritual. Consider myself informed and ‘high-maintenance’.

So what I do want to tell the person on the other side of the screen; in research for a facility to undergo this experience, that YES, here you have found the right place for this aid to be facilitated, in a genuinely well-intended, adequate and safe environment.

Rene to me resonated a complete sense of trust, and health* that after undergoing the actual experience at his center, has only confirmed me a thousand folds.

I am very grateful for my choice and have complete confidence in his intend, abilities, and – especially as a person with a bit of a control-thing going for me, never having utilized any drug prior in my life, and having if not trust-issues then (admitting) a severe skeptic in me

(as one really should, researching aid for this sort of work, and that if person/institute capable, those questions can bear and clear, as Rene also showed much patience with)

– THEN all I have to say, Rene is the answer.

His engagement and investment to help you, has made me in ever-deep gratitude to him.

I feel very lucky that I in my search came across exactly him.

As I mentioned, I won’t share my own story here, as mine isn’t relevant to yours.

But perhaps it could be helpful to you if I elaborate on a dilemma that I was facing prior, what we can call;

“The real deal??! // The “West-East” mentality.

I always like to go to the source of things, and genuinely meet practices the most ‘original way’

In looking for options to work with this medicine, my predominant dilemma was also HOW and where. Now there are ways and several choices, in going to Peru. It can be quite costly, but not only for that reason was I weighing a clinic in say Holland, or South America up against each other.

As a westerner I can appreciate both aspects of approaches to ‘medicine’ I do believe a balanced psyche is the most important thing even in physical health. Whatever vocabulary you choose, convictions you have, these “two” aspects are woven together.

Science in biological psychiatry is very new, and I expect there is much to be discovered.

Not everything can nor should be named, not all can be explained, however I am sure that when it comes to any disorders concerning mental health, new technology of measuring brain chemistry will this coming century reveal more “bio-technical” causes of illness in say mood-disorders or behavioral patterns, than common psychology or spiritual reasoning can.

I have no experience with any drug, nor ‘legal’ but in context to approach to alternative medicine, I’d like to add, that I do understand the adherence from a ‘wizard’ talking about ‘evil spirits’ which lead to my point, that from a spiritual perspective, – although I do believe in the work of a shaman or medium gifted to see or pickup on frequencies beyond this dimension and time -.

And that overall aid is necessary in working with such a powerful tool, as plant medicine.

– That being said, I am sure it has an effect, even on a spiritual atheist.

I believe in the intelligence of a plant, the soul of the vine. I know now, because I’ve greeted it personally, or ‘it’ greeted me :) If in hands of a person with unworthy ethics, I also believe diminishing of that power is possible. Especially if derived from nature.

My point here is just, that even if you as a westerner are not entirely comfortable with this “spiritual” vocabulary, the physical effect on your body, cannot be denied.

I am no doctor, so can only use metaphors even if I know it has ado with neutralizing the neurologic pathways, and frontal cortex and what not, it is a substance, that somehow “pulls off the table cloth” like a magician, directly to our subconscious, and bring forth what would take you long digging, and points at essentials of your soul, release you from previous programming, that might even be something you are cautious of, and have dealt with, just ‘can’t let go’

I find Rene’s center creates the healthy balance, between the eastern, and the western approach.

One of my personal reasons for a center in the Netherlands, besides it actually being legal, is that as a European, It felt authentic for me to “clear the land” on the continent I was placed.

My best wishes to your journey,

From a Scandinavian / Nina

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