Dear Om-Mij,

I was at this Christmas special and what was the Special! I am you and the team of To-Me intensely grateful that you guys have made this possible.

There was so much warmth, safety, care, care, commitment and knowledge. This is the most healing and impressive experience I’ve ever had. I got much more than I expected and had dreamed. I saw how I limit my life with my thoughts and the thoughts/decisions of others. After in-depth beautiful, furious and intense experiences I found back my right to self-determination (the opposite of control) and a large dose of lust for life.

I am now 5 days at home and am still impressed how magnificent the functioning of the ayahuasca is and how great the contribution is from the careful guidance of you. I got exactly the answers to the questions I asked, I got exactly the insights that I needed to resolve certain issues, if I asked I got the right support from you guys and I had special experiences I had had, not without your support on surprising way I got answers to life questions where I walk for years.

In short, I got exactly the insights and experiences that I need to be even more beautiful from my own life and to contribute to the happiness of other people.

My thanks is great!

Love, Sella

Vorige ervaring
Volgende ervaring