I can’t possibly express all the goodness that came from my three days with you and Aya and your team in words so would just like to highlight the main benefits that I felt from it all. First of all it was a leap of faith on my part and a trust that is typical of me to come to your ceremonies and participate without knowing you or anyone else. This trust I have of people has gone wrong in the past but went completely right in your capable and caring environment including the other helpers.

It is now clear that my leap of faith paid off royally. I had two main issues to address as you know which was my awful lonely screwed up childhood and my alcoholism.

Mother Aya came to me and showed me the problems in these areas and required me to suffer the feeling of sadness and pain in order for me to fully let go. I was then ready to purge and I didn’t do it by half measures! Everything came out and the resulting feeling was that of total relief of these issues. Both the issues especially the childhood nightmare are now at rest and have no place in my being anymore and therefore no longer serve to be there. They are literally down the drain where they belong.

Your choice of accompanying music was so critical in these processes and it should be understood how critical the accompanying music is! There is a very clever choice of balance between the music and how one experiences their own issues whilst on the journey and I can’t emphasise enough how much in harmony your music choice was combined with your ceremonies (: Of course there was much fun on my journey too with quite funny visions and much enlightenment. Just to add your welcome as well as your team was exceptional and I don’t think I have ever felt so comfortable being around other people who I dont know in my entire life and I am 47 now so had a lot of experience in that area.

I could write all day about how the calling fitted perfectly for me in your environment but I will leave it like this so as to allow viewers to feel my brief review and know they will make the right decision should they feel the Aya calling them to your environment (: I truly thank you all and will for sure return. John helped me interpret and feel issues that I was up against and has a deep understanding of consciousness and how to convey that which one needs to know to them. He was certainly a major part of my healing process as were you all. Cheers me dears ha hee ha..


Matt R. (UK)

Vorige ervaring