Dear all the beautiful  souls at Om-Mij,

Thank you so much for making my first ayahuasca ceremony such a wonderful experience.
I was very nervous before the ceremony- and I knew that this nervousness came from the fear of losing control- the fear I wished to do something about with ayahuasca.
I experienced that all the intensions I made for the ceremony, were met- mother ayahuasca showed me, filled with love, where my fears came from, and she did not let me be, before I saw the meaning, or the lesson, behind the experiences I have had.. It was a truly amazing journey for me.

I was also presented for every hurtful emotion- and when I knew I needed someone to hold my hand and be there for me during this- the angels that arranged the ceremony, gave me their hand, their presence and their love. I can’t thank them enough for this <3

My life after the ceremony, has changed. I experience new layers of trust, peace, joy and being totally present in the here and now.. I experience the love that is radiating from everyone, everything- and it feels great to be able to let it all in!

My warmest thanks, from the bottom of my heart, to all the wonderful people at Om-Mij- I will come back

<3 Therese

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