Retreat Spain

Healing & Sunshine Retreat Spain

Have you received The Calling from the Mother?

We warmly invite you to accompany us to the sunny south of Spain, where we will have a retreat of several days in the beautiful facilities of the “Be Free” Retreat Center and experience a deep common experience, healing and transformation.

Connect with yourself, others and nature. This retreat offers you deep self-experience in a unique atmosphere as well as group activities paired with great sights, impressive nature and lots of sunshine.

Ayahuasca ceremonies are performed with a therapeutic yet traditional approach, accompanied by live music, sounds and stereo music.

In addition, we offer Kambo ceremonies and rapé for those who wish to deepen their healing and cleansing.

From the moment you set foot on the retreat property, you will feel at home – welcome and cared for.

During your stay with us we will serve you delicious vegan / vegetarian dishes.

Here you will find time for unity, creativity and the relaxed atmosphere to be one with yourself and all the wonderful people around you.

This retreat gives you the opportunity to have wonderful experiences and to experience and create something magical.

Together with our experienced team we will make sure your stay with us in Spain will be the most profound experience.